Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Starting Over

I've dreaded writing this post for the past 6 months. I thought if I didn't write about it long enough that I would bounce back and not have to write about it, but here we are 6 months later. I'm back to where I started in 2012 when I began writing this blog. I'm not back to the 230 that I was at during one point in my life, but I am back up to 214. 214?!?!?!?!?!?! How does this happen? I would like to say that it's not my fault, that I didn't know it was happening, but that would be a lie. I put my physical health on the back burner. I've made everything else in my life a priority except for my health. It's time to get back on the boat and to change for once and for all.

Here's the plan.....

I restarted Couch to 5K today. This program has you run 3 times a week. I am going to sign up for the Fall Runathon and get back into running. It's a great stress relief and it helped me lose weight in the past. On the off days I am going to do some other form of exercise such as the kettle bell or Insanity.

Instead of only focusing on calories, I am going to focus on Protein, Fat and Carbs. I am going to track this via My Fitness Pal.

It feels good to have a plan and to be on the right track again with a new determination.