Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Elusive 30

I feel like I have only had negative things to report lately. I am growing frustrated with myself. I have lost some of my determination. I keep telling myself that I am going to get back on track, but I am finding it hard to do. I'm not losing any weight, but I'm not even really trying. I don't know how I expect to get results if I am not even working at it.

I am going to strive to do better tomorrow. I have to keep going. I can't come as far as I have and just stop. I was so excited about losing my first 30 pounds, and I still have not made it there. I'm not sure why I stopped trying...crazy I guess.

Hopefully I will have some good news to report soon. I have got to get back on the right path before our vacation. That will be the true test of my determination and I need to lose some more weight before then. Next time I post, hopefully I will be at 30.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It has been a busy couple of weeks.

May 5th we went to the Awolnation concert. May 6th we went to a concert in Chicago. It was unlike anything I have ever seen, but we had a great time!

Awolnation Concert

Yes, there is someone standing in the fire.
See him?
Needless to say, everything I ate that weekend was unhealthy. I gained weight last week. It was my first gain since I started this and it did not sit well with me. It was very frustrating. I haven't been as enthusiastic about this as I need to be. I haven't been counting my calories or anything that I need to be doing. I have got to start keeping track again. 

I did lose a little this week, but am still .3 away from where I was two weeks ago and 1 pound away from losing 30. I purchased some new pants since thankfully mine no longer fit very well and as a little incentive I haven't opened them since I received them. When I lose 30 I will open them.

This weekend was busy as well. We went to see the Avengers Friday night. Great movie, I definitely recommend it. Saturday we went out of town to visit my Grandma. It was really good to see everyone. On Mother's Day we spent the day with our families.

Dad, Lucas and I went golfing yesterday. We had fun. I think I am learning a little but and hopefully I'm getting a little better. It is definitely good exercise. We walk the course instead of using a cart. I forgot my pedometer so I don't know exactly how far we walked, but we think it was close to 2 miles. I almost forgot: last Thursday I was able to run 2.34 miles!!! Getting closer to 3.

Well, I think I have rambled enough for one post...