Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Max :30 Day 1 & 2

Days 1 and 2 of Insanity Max :30 are complete! I am incredibly out of shape. Day 1 was the Cardio Challenge. Each day when you work out, you log the time that you first had to take a break. Day 1 was pretty sad. I didn't even make it through the warm up. Anyone who has ever done Insanity/Insanity Max knows that the warm up is insane itself. Even though I had to stop so early, I finished the work out and was so happy to have done it. 

Day 2 is Tabata Power. It's not as tiring, but it is a lot harder. It's more muscle work and you can definitely feel it when you get done. I maxed out at 7:08. 

The goal is to get better each time you do the workout. So next time I do the Cardio Challenge I will hopefully max out after 2:45 and after 7:08 for Tabata Power.

Tomorrow's workout is Sweat Intervals. The first time I started this program I stopped after Day 2 so I'm not sure what to expect of tomorrow's workout except for some sweat!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Tomorrow is a new beginning. I've been down for so long. It is time to move on. It is time to make a change. Since last Fall I've not wanted to do anything. I have had no motivation, no inspiration and I'm back to the same place I started. I've allowed myself to continue down this path for far too long.

This is the plan for tomorrow morning -

Insanity Max:30 will be done in the morning before work. I also signed up for a new Dietbet as a little extra motivation. The Fall Runathon is fast approaching and I may be in worse shape than I was this time last year so this should help. I need to start running again so that I will be ready. A combination of Insanity and running should be a winning one. 

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I get so tired of the back and forth. On the right path, back to the beginning, on the right path and back to the beginning. I want to get on the right path and stay there, to have enough confidence that it can be done. I want to be a success story, not someone who keeps failing. To be successful in every aspect of life, mind, body and soul would be the ultimate goal realized and tomorrow is the beginning of that.

Last night Lucas and I went to see Shinedown. It's always a pleasure and motivating experience. There are some things in life that touch you in a way nothing else can and for me it's music and it comes in all types of music. I've written about it before and my feelings haven't changed. I thank God for music and for the way it reaches me and helps me to overcome my struggles. God creates passion within all of us and He knows what helps us and what we need to hear and that is truly a blessing.