Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pacers and Racers

I finally made it to Pacers and Racers to get fitted for running shoes. The other ones I have I purchased online because they were on sale. When I started running longer distances I got really bad blisters and ended up losing a toenail. I thought maybe getting better shoes would help keep these things from happening in the future. 

Pacers and Racers is a local store. They measure your feet, watch how you walk and recommend shoes for you. I tried on 3 pairs of shoes and ultimately decided on this pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17's. 

They seemed really comfortable when I jogged down the sidewalk and hopefully they will be better than the other shoes I was wearing.

They also recommended a pair of socks that should also help with the blister situation. They even gave them to me at no charge for being a first time customer.

My plan is to run in the morning so we will see what if any kind of difference these shoes/socks make. Since I signed up for the Fall races, I found a Runkeeper training program. It doesn't officially start until July because of when the race is so I am just going to run between 1-3 miles at a time this month and then really jump in to the training in July. I'm feeling pretty good about this...

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