Monday, March 19, 2012

Another One Gone

One more pound down. One pound still feels really good. Now that it has warmed up I have started going back to the park. It is so much better than the treadmill. I went to the park yesterday and today. The local park has a mile track and it makes the walk/run go by quicker and it just feels better to be outside. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Also, for some reason we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer so it has really warmed up. It was 80 here today. I figure I need to get used to it if I want to run outside. If I can learn to cope with 80 then hopefully 90 will be manageable.
I bought some new running shoes today. Looking forward to trying them out tomorrow. The performance t-shirts and pants I got are really nice. I would say they were definitely worth buying.
I wasn't very good last week. I haven't been putting my food into Sparkpeople everyday. Last week was a bad week in general and I felt really defeated. It had nothing to do with this journey, but I let it affect this part of my life too. I think I have come through to the other side of that now and am back on track.
Well, I am exhausted. Off to bed...

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  1. Proud of the pound loss. Better to take it off slowly than fast. Good on the shoes and outfit too. Go to walmart and check the machine they have that measures how you stand to make sure your insole and instep is good. Sometimes for a change, you can go to the school and walk the track and going around 4 times is equivalent to a mile (that is if SC track is not blocked off from the work) I used to walk it and read at the same time I was walking. Boy it didn't take long at all to walk the mile. LOL Keep up the good work and remember when you do feel defeat, keep hope in front. Sleep well. God bless.