Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vacation Pt. 2

Life has been crazy since we returned so I am finally getting around to blogging again.

The Petrified Forest was our next stop. It was very pretty there as well.

On our way through Arizona, we stopped to see the meteor crater near Winslow. It is the world's best preserved meteorite impact site.

We also saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter that night. It was pretty good. I need to finish reading the book.

Finally, the next day we made it to the Grand Canyon. There are no words or pictures that really capture its beauty.

It was amazing and we hope to go back one day. We even got to watch the sunset there. 

Next, we went to Vegas. That place is crazy! One night at a time is definitely enough. We stayed at the Bellagio. It was beautiful.
Fountain Show at the Bellagio.
I will have to finish up with a Part 3 next. I have really strayed from my "diet" since vacation started. I am having a hard time getting back in to it. I need to do it though. Tomorrow's day 1 of Act 2 in "On My Way to a Better Me."

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