Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Insanity Days 4 & 5

Monday I got back into the Insanity routine. It was Cardio Recovery day. It was mainly stretching. It was a "recovery" day. Shaun T kept saying we need this day because we all know what's coming tomorrow...

I argued with myself for about 15 minutes this morning before I finally got out of bed to exercise. It was a struggle, but thankfully I convinced myself to do it. Today's routine was Pure Cardio. The other days the routine has included a warm-up, stretch. Then about 3 minutes of exercising followed by a 30 second water break and this repeats several times until it's time to stretch again for a few minutes at the end. Today's included a warm-up, stretch and then about 20 minutes of pure cardio...no scheduled breaks. It was so tough! Of course I had to take a few breaks, but I think I will improve each time I do it. There was a lot of jumping today too. My body was screaming at me when I was working out. It felt good. I'm definitely glad I got up.

I aam going to start weighing in on Wednesdays again I think. I didn't weigh in last week so tomorrow I will get back in it.

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