Friday, April 27, 2012

Lesson Learned

So I finally went running again today. It has been 2 weeks since the last time I ran. What's the lesson I learned? Never skip that much time in between runs. I was still able to run the 2 miles, but it was hard. It's discouraging now to realize I wasted 2 weeks. I wonder how far I could be running now if I hadn't stopped. It's is just motivation to keep going and not have another set back like this. I am sure there will be more times when I feel like I can't do it, but I have to keep going. 

I think this quote may help in the future:
 "Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it's hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same  time." - Monte Davis

The new devotional I have decided on is another one by Donna Partow. I am planning on starting it Monday. It is also a 90 day series. It's called "Becoming the Woman I Want to Be." This year is all about change. 4 months into it I am feeling pretty good about it. A lot of change has been made and it's very uplifting. I have dropped one of my goals from the beginning of the year though. I was going to read the Bible through in a year and I stopped doing that. I found that I was just reading it to say I've read it and not really studying it. Hopefully this devotional will keep me in the Word every day and help me to continue in my transformation.  

We are having the family over tomorrow for game night. I am pretty excited about it. There is sure to be lots of laughter, especially with Mom here. I'll fill you in next time... 

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  1. Very good job Audrey getting back into the running. My grandson works out daily. He posted something I am going to pass on to you. Hope it works for you. "What are you waiting for? Be proud but never satisfied. Success is the best form of revenge." when a person says you cannot do it, remember it is probably because they cannot do it and will not try it so they do not want you to. Keep up the good work. God bless.
    Have fun with family game night tomorrow night. :-)