Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In

Down 1.2 pounds this week! Slowly but surely I'll get there. I now have 1.4 pounds to lose by next Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I can make it. If I count absolutely everything I eat and run I should be good for round 1 of the diet bet.

I haven't ran since Saturday. I can't say I'm surprised. Running outside hasn't been an option and we all know about my mental battle against the treadmill. Tomorrow I have to run. This race is going to happen whether I am ready or not. I'm looking forward to the race, but I'm starting to get a little nervous. There are so many what it's running through my head, I've just got to let it all go and let what's going to happen, happen. It's going to be a good experience no matter what. 

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