Saturday, March 10, 2012

So long 25

I am sitting here enjoying my last few hours of being 25. It's hard to believe another year has passed, but it feels good to know that I am entering 26 healthier than I entered 25. I have pretty much been a slacker this week. We have been celebrating my birthmonth and I have not exercised at all. I have stayed within my calories every day, but I need to get moving again. We have played the Kinect a few nights this week and that involves some activity, but nothing like running. I have got to get back on track starting Monday. It looks like it is going to be raining this week so I guess I'll be having a few dates with the treadmill.

Lucas and I went to Bravo last night for my birthmonth and it was amazing. We had never been before and I was pleasantly surprised. Their lasagna was the best I've ever had. We then came home and played Carnival Games Monkey See Monkey Do on the Kinect and it was a lot of fun. Some of the games were pretty difficult, but fun nevertheless. Tomorrow we will be celebrating with our family so it should be a good day. Church, lunch with my family, dinner with Lucas' family, and I am sure there will be lots of laughs. (We're going to Famous Dave's for lunch and last time we were there we were all laughing uncontrollably.)

Well, next time I post I will be 26. 25's been good, but I am looking forward to what 26 will bring...

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