Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Crazy Day

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I was stressed out at work because of the employee luncheon that I was in charge of for the first time ever. Thankfully, it went off without a hitch, but at the same time, my husband was flying home form Texas.

As I was tracking his plane on-line, I was also tracking the storms that were headed our way. It appeared as if the plane and the storms were going to make it to Louisville at about the same time. Everyone was talking all day about how bad these storms were going to be and it made for a very stressful time. Lucas' plane landed early before the storms hit and we were able to make it to church to safety. (We don't have a basement at home so we went to the church basement just to be safe.) As we were driving to church we were watching the skies for any sign of a tornado. It was a scary ride.

We were sitting in the basement watching the weather and it was terrifying. I have never seen such destruction so close to home. Henryville is about 12 miles away from us, Pekin is 16 miles away and Borden is 12 miles away. To see the devastation and to know that it can happen anywhere is truly a scary thought. It's only March, it's not even Spring yet. How many more times will this happen this Spring? I have such a heavy heart for these communities, for everyone involved. I know as a community, Sellerburg will pull together and do what we can, but it will never be enough. Lives have been lost and lives have been turned upside down.

So as I said, yesterday was crazy. So happy to have Lucas home after being gone since Monday, but so sad over the destruction in Southern Indiana.

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