Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

This month I participated in the Cara Box program again. It is a wonderful way to get to know other people and hopefully make new friends. This month, I was paired up with 2 fantastic people: I sent a Cara Box to Melissa at Honey Sweet Bee and Jennifer Blake sent mine. 

I absolutely loved everything that she picked out for me. This month's theme was seasons of life. We were paired up based on age and what season of life you were in (kids, no kids, etc.).

Jennifer was very thoughtful in everything she picked out. A pedometer and water battle for my fitness as well as some earbuds which I love. She also appealed to the pen addict in me by sending my favorite pens (even though she didn't know it) and a cute notebook. Also included is the card game Phase 10 which I am looking forward to playing and some magnetic notes. Thank you so much, Jennifer for the great package!

If you want to participate next time check it out here. 

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