Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weigh In

Yesterday was Cara Box reveal day so I wasn't able to post about my weigh in. I did post my weight and.... I lose 2.8 pounds this week! It's amazing what happens when you exercise, count your calories and stay within your range. It's exciting to see the scale moving down again. A small part of me is also frustrated because I look at what I'm doing now and think that I could have reached my goal weight if I would have stuck with it last year. I know I can't do anything about it now, but I am going to use it as motivation for this time. I want this time to be the final time I need to lose weight.

I haven't posted about my workouts this week, but I have done them every day. I post a picture after my workout in the morning on all the social media sites as an accountability thing because I don't always get to talk about it here.

This was after today's Cardio Recovery. On a regular workout day me Fitbit says I took between 2500 and 3500 steps, today's recovery I only took 170. Recovery is deep stretching, planks and things like that. It's still tough, but nothing like a workout day. 

I went to Trader Joe's on Tuesday. That place is wonderful. Everything I have tried from there I have liked so far.

Tonight we had organic pasta noodles, organic pasta sauce and organic chicken all from Trader Joe's. (We also had garlic bread that was not organic.) This pasta meal was delicious! The picture doesn't make it look too tasty, but it was.

I'm feeling good about the changes that are happening and I plan on seeing the scale go down again next week!

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