Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well, I am still at 200... it's good that I haven't gained any weight back, but it is a little disappointing. All I can do is keep trying. I am counting my calories on SparkPeople and exercising almost every day. I made it 2 miles on the treadmill Sunday. I started out too fast though and it was pretty difficult, but I did it. Today I finally got to go to the park to walk. It was so nice out and time goes by much quicker at the park than on the treadmill. I walked 1.5 miles and ran .5. It's kind of embarrassing running in public, but it is something I need to get over. (Not that I think I look silly or anything, it's just I am still not very fast and I always feel like people are watching and I can imagine what they are thinking.) I know you're not supposed to care what other people think, but it's hard to get past it sometimes.

This week has to be better. Even if I only lose .1, I am going to lose weight. I found this quote on the interwebs tonight and it is definitely something I needed to hear:
"You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure. ~ Tommy Kelley
How true this is and how inspiring! I know I am not failing because changes are being made and I haven't given up, but sometimes you need to hear someone else say it. I am still as determined today as I was when I started this journey.

I also wanted to share a picture I painted last night. I have been trying to occupy my time this week and I purchased a paint kit over a year ago that I never opened. I decided last night was the night and I was pretty happy with the result for my first painting...

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  1. Don't get discouraged, Audrey. Keep the faith for you are reaching other goals too. You have improved your eating habits and you are exercising more. Every once in a while you will seem like you hit a plateau and it starts to discourage you. But remember Greater is He that is in me then he who is in the world. Let God be your strength.
    On walking and running. You are doing a good job. Don't call it running...call it jogging. Jogging is between walking and running. :-)
    Also remember what I said that when it seems like the pounds are not coming off that it could be inches and check each week with a tape measure the waist and the hips and the legs and thighs and the arms and all parts of your body to see if there is an inch loss instead of a pound loss. Check and see if your clothes are a little looser. You may be losing and not even realizing it. I think you are doing a good job and I saw the weight loss in your face and body. Keep up the good work.
    The painting is beautiful. I didn't know you were artistic in more than singing.
    I will say a prayer for you for God to help you to keep going on. One person once told me to remember that the weight took years to come on you so don't expect to get it off in a short while. The slower it comes off the longer it stays off.
    God bless. Judi