Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am back to eating regular food again. I said in my last post that I couldn't really tell a difference in eating vegetables for 10 days, but since then I have noticed something. We had McDonald's for lunch Friday and I felt really sick after I ate. I was surprised that my body had this reaction after only 10 days of doing something different. It's amazing how quick we can change and adjust. This process is teaching me a lot about myself. I know this is still kind of a new thing and once this becomes "old" it will be harder to stick with it. This Monday is probably going to be a tough weigh-in. I lost more than planned last week because of the eating challenge and now that I am eating more than just vegetables, I am afraid that I will actually weigh more this week than last week. Knowing that fact has been motivation for me today though. We had a Valentine's chili supper at church tonight and I only ate a small portion of chili with some carrots on the side and I skipped dessert. This was especially challenging because I made a dessert for the party and being around it all day I was able to resist. It feels good to have this small victory. Maybe things really are changing...

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