Monday, February 6, 2012

17 Down

Today is my weekly weigh in and I am feeling very encouraged. I know I lost more weight this week than I normally will because of the veggies and water that I have been having, but just to see that I can lose it is a great feeling.
As I mentioned before, I purchased a pedometer this week to keep track of how active I am. I must say I do not take nearly as many steps as I thought. I'm not sure why I thought I took more, but I am making this a priority...move more. I brought the treadmill back to life the week before last and am so glad that we purchased it when we did. Even though it sat idle for so long, now it is moving again. I haven't been on it since I started the 10 day challenge because I was worried I that I would be burning more calories than I am taking in. I don't know a whole lot about that and if it could be a problem or not, but I didn't want to test it. I should be back on it Thursday.
This is day 8 of the veggies and water challenge and I am feeling pretty good. I only have 2 days left and then back to normal. The weekend wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I thought since I would be home more that it would be more difficult, but this blog has really helped me get through this. I don't want to let whoever is reading this down or even let myself down and I know if I slip up I will have to write about it and share those things too.
This has been a great change in my life and I am thankful to you for following my journey and being an encouragement to me.


  1. Very good job Audrey. Will keep you in prayer as you work toward your goals. Sending you some ideas in your inbox on facebook that I hope helps. God bless.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and the tips. We do have the Wii Fit Plus and the balance board. I tried the Wii Fit Plus out yesterday and I really enjoyed it. We have the Biggest Loser game that uses the balance board too so that's the only game I had ever used the board with. Thanks for the feedback and for reading...