Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. I only walked 3,688 steps. We went to McCallister's for lunch. Then we went to see Oz. I must say I was not a huge fan. It seemed cheesy to me for some reason. Plus someone brought their approximately one and a half year old with them and sat right next to Lucas. She even called him Daddy. She kept throwing her milk and it was pretty distracting. Eventually she did get up and move to the bottom but the little girl cried/jabbered through the whole thing. It wasn't a horrible movie, it's just not what I was expecting in some way.

Last night we saw Little Shop of Horrors. It was fantastic! I have never seen the movie so I didn't know the story and I really enjoyed myself. The Derby Dinner Playhouse always puts on a good show. Most of their tables are for 4 people so we weren't sure who we would be sitting with. Thankfully they were a very nice couple and we had an enjoyable evening. Here is the trailer:

Today we celebrated my birthday with our families. We went to Dad and Mom's after church. Mom made baked spaghetti. Then we went to Red Robin with Lucas' family for supper. I am pretty sure I have gone over my calories for the day. I haven't logged anything yet, but I am kind of afraid of the number. Mom made cupcakes too. They were delicious.

I went for a run when we got home to try to burn some of the extra calories. It felt like my worst run ever. I don't know if it was because it was so windy and I felt like I was running in slow motion or what the problem was. I think part of it was I ran too soon after I ate. I just ran 2 miles today. I didn't think I could make the whole 3.1. I ended up having my fastest pace yet, but I don't think I could have kept it up for another mile.

I do have one confession...I have not done Power 90 for 2 days. Eeek! I thought my run today might make up for it a little bit, but tomorrow I think I will do the sculpting and the cardio.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. I felt very blessed today!

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful day. On the running, with the wind blowing, if it was hitting you while you were running then it was with resistance which would have made up for the extra mile, wouldn't it?
    Keep up the good work though. Have a card for you but again having trouble with the arm. Will give it to you next week. :-) Don't overdo tomorrow with the Power 90. Keep going woman. You are doing a wonderful job.