Thursday, March 7, 2013


Not much has happened in the past couple of days. I am still doing Power 90. I am learning the moves better and how to make them more effective. With weights slower is better, I definitely feel it more. I am becoming more familiar with the yoga moves. The toughest part of the cardio is all the jumping exercises. They wear me out.

I forgot that this is Thoughtful Thursday. I will work on it and maybe post it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the beginning of the birthday celebration. I'm not sure what we are doing, but there will be a stop at one of my favorite places in the world...Barnes and Noble. I could spend hours in there. And we are usually there for a couple of hours when we go.

Little Shop of Horrors at Derby Dinner is Saturday night. That will be a lot of fun. We also bought tickets for another concert. Can you go to too many? Mayday at Klipsch. I'm looking forward to it. Music is an amazing thing. I feel the most like me when I am listening to/feeling music. These are the lyrics that have spoken to me the most recently. The whole song is great, but this part I can relate to. You have to overcome your fear. Fear holds you back.

So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair?
And your moment of truth
Is the day that you say "I'm not scared"

More lyrics:

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