Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Woop Woop!

For some reason I have been saying this a lot lately...Woop Woop. And why am I so happy? I lost 2.2 pounds this week! .4 pounds more and I will be back down to 30 pounds lost since this began and I am now only 2.8 pounds away from the lowest I reached last year. Thankfully the old scale was still accurate even though the base broke off of it. When I weighed in on the new scale it was within .2 of the old one.

It's too soon to say if Power 90 has helped, but it definitely hasn't hurt anything. Today's workout was Cardio/Abs again. Those yoga moves are still killer. I am getting a little better at them, but I've still got some work to do. What's so nice about this workout is you do the same thing for 45 days until you start phase 3-4. That means you start out slow and keep improving on the same exercises until you change to the next phase. I don't feel like I am being left behind or anything, I am working at my pace and slowly picking it up.

We tried a new Hungry Girl recipe tonight: Exploding Chicken Taquitos. They were delicious. We will be making them again I am sure. Here's the recipe:

I'm keeping the post short tonight, there isn't too much new going on. I just wanted to share this week's progress. Woop Woop!

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